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Hydro Testing Pump

All our testing pumps are delivered „ready for use” and equiped with:
➢Tank (Except PEM 30)
➢Pressure gauge
➢Drain valve
➢Flexible hose. 16” long. (3” for PEM 30 / 6” for PEM 40)

Universal Ratchet Handle

Manual drive for tube expanders. One side 3/4” square drive, other side 1” square drive. Allows rotation transmitted by a retched mechanism.

Tube Plugs

Ideal for sealing leaky tubes in condenser and heat exchangers. It is recommended to use our ORTC–one revolution tube cutter to puncture the tube to ensure that pressure can not build up in the tube and cause the plug loosen or blow out.

Tube Guide

The Tube Guide consist of a steel or aluminium or plastic tapered head and an replaceable nylon brush, and it’s used to guide tubes through the sheets and the tube support plates during tube bundles assembling. The nylon brush fits in the tube end, holding pilot firmly in place.

Right Angle Drive

Designed for use inside header boxes where handholes are at right angle to the tube centerline.

Parallel Gear Drive

Designed for use inside the header boxes where hand holes are not in line with tube centerline.