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Boiler Tube Cleaner HTC-2

HTC makes tube cleaning a simple one man operation. A cleaning tools is rotated through the tube on a flexible shaft to remove deposit leaving tubes thoroughly clean. Different length flexible shafts and various type of cleaning tools are available to remove all kind of soft and hard deposit. Two tube cleaner models HTC-2 and HTC-2W are available for wet or dry cleaning. A self-contained portable unit with a carrying handle, strongly constructed to modern design. Conforms to the latest B.S.S, I.E.C and V.D.E specification.



• Steam Boiler

• Evaporators

• Hoses/Pipes



  • Motor Power : 2 HP (1.5Kw)
  • Input Power : 415V, 50Hz, 3 phase
  • Standard Speed : 1,400 rpm
  • Overall Dimensions : 570mm high x 600mm depth x 200mm wide Weight : 22 kg
    Model HTC-2 Heavy -Duty Tube Cleaning Machine for dry application 415V,50Hz, 2 HP drive.
    Model HTC-2W Heavy-Duty Tube Cleaning Machine for wet application 415V, 50Hz, 2 HP drive.

AWT-100 Air powered tube cleaner

➢Compact, Powerful, Versatile
➢Use for a Variety of Tube Cleaning Including Water Tube Boiler
➢Variable Torque/Speed Controls
➢For Tubes 1” (25mm)–4” (102mm)

SAM-3 Firetube Boiler Cleaner

➢Heavy-Duty Firetube Boiler Cleaner
➢Motor Power: ½ HP
➢Cleaning Length : 26’
➢For Tubes 1-3/8”–4” OD

RAM-4X Rotary FIretube Boiler Cleaner

➢Stainless Steel construction
➢Quick connect threadless shaft manifold
➢Interchangeable cleaning tools
➢Simultaneous water
➢Foot switch activation