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CC-JR Compact Coil Cleaner

Handheld or shoulder strapped the CC-JR offers ultra portable coil cleaning. It includes a powerful 125 PSI pump, a long-lasting deep cycle battery, operator controlled chemical injection and custom accessories.

CC-600 Industrial Coil Cleaner

The CC-600 delivers high pressure and water flow to clean thick coils, in a portable product. System includes integrated water and chemical tank.

CC-140 Coil Cleaner

Popular portable coil cleaning system. Carries water and cleaner, with variable output up to 140 psi. Uses rechargeable battery or 230V

CC-100 Backpack Coil Cleaner

Grab n’ go convenience is the name with this backpack design coil cleaning system. It’s powered by rechargeable battery, hold 5 gal water and chemical and puts out a variable 40-100 psi of cleaning power