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I-RAM-EX-100 Portable Tube Cleaner

➢ Portable compact design

➢ 1/2 HP Motor

➢ Interchangeable cleaning tools

➢ Rugged, durable molded outer shell

➢ Simultaneous water flush

➢ Foot switch activation

RAM-PRO Compact Tube Cleaner

➢Designed for contractors
➢Compact and lightweight
➢Quick-connect shafts and brushes
➢Reversible shaft w/water flush
➢Fixed 862.5 RPM shaft rotation
➢For tubes 7/16″ (11mm)-1″ (25mm)

RAM-4 Rotary Tube Cleaner

➢Stainless Steel construction
➢Quick-connect or threaded shafts and brushes
➢Interchangeable cleaning tools
➢ Simultaneous water flush
➢Foot switch activation
➢For tubes ¼”–1”

QS-300 Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun

Simply load the projectile, pull the power-assisted Trigger and outshoot the competition. Specially designed for thorough condenser tube cleaning for tubes 5/8”-1¼” (15.9-31.8mm) O.D.

BFP-3510 Surface Condenser Tube Cleaning System

The ultimate surface condenser cleaner. Designed for large volume condenser cleaning jobs, this portable pumping system provides the complete platform needed to clean condenser tubes fast

PSM-500 Tube Cleaning Gun

The PSM-500 is designed for quick, efficient cleaning of straight, small diameter tubes, like lube oil coolers, shell and tube heat exchanger, etc. Clean tubes 3/16”-
1”(4.8-25.4mm) I.D. of light and solid deposits.