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GVC-36000 Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner w/Quad Boiler

➢ Input Power: 53 amps, 480V, 50/60 Hz AC, three phase, Maximum 36,000 W
➢ Output Steam Pressure: 0-145 PSI
➢ Output Steam Temperature: 290F
➢ Water Tank: 10.6 gallons
➢ Chemical Tanks: Two 1.3 gallons
➢ Boilers: Four, 2.4 gallons each
➢ Steam Production: 17.5 gal/per ho

GVC-18000 Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner

➢Input Power: 22 amps, 480V, 50/60 Hz AC, three phase, Maximum 18,000W
➢Output Steam Pressure: 0-145 PSI
➢Output Steam Temperature: 290F
➢Water Tank: 10.4 gallons
➢Chemical Tanks: Two 1.3 gallons
➢Boilers: Two, 2.4 gallons each
➢Steam Production: 7-9 gal/per hour

GVC-1502 Dry Steam Cleaner

The GVC-1502 Vapor-Steam Cleaner delivers cleaning and sanitizing performance in a small, portable and easy-to-use package.
Dry Steam Cleaner