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AQ-RV450 Duct Brushing/Vacuum System

A powerful, two stage duct and vent cleaning vacuum, vacuum/brush remote control, twin HEPA cartridge filters and clever modular design make this versatile air vent cleaning system a no-brainer for any duct cleaning job.

Compressed Air Duct Cleaner

Nozzle technology is the key to successful cleaning with compressed air. Jetvent offer the complete solution for powerful and effective cleaning with compressed air.

TDB Robotic Duct Cleaner

Cleaning with a robot has many advantages. The operator can see where the robot is travelling, what needs to be cleaned and what has been cleaned. A high resolution color camera placed on a flexible arm enables the camera to positioned where it is best suited. Positioning the camera behind the robot platform gives the operator a full view of both sides of the brushes and the duct work that is being cleaned

AQR-1500 Rotary Duct Cleaner

Dirty, round, rectangular or spiral ducts are breeding grounds for mold
spores, bacteria, dust, pollen, viruses and other harmful deposits. The AQ-R1500 Duct Cleaner makes duct cleaning a simple, one-person operation.