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VAC-EX-AV-25S Explosion Proof Vacuum

Facilities with cleaning needs in explosive environments can depend on the compact DV-AV9-EX to safely get the job done. This UL Certified air-powered vacuum cleaner is fitted with a HEPA filter for capturing 99.99% of particles down to 0.3 micron and a 1-micron anti-static pocket pre-filter. An external filter shaker, on-board tool storage basket and detachable 9-gallon collection tank completes its features.



• Lab-tested explosion/dust ignition proof

• Hepa filter – included with an efficiency of 99.995% On 0.3 Micron

• Wet/dry recovery

• Designed for the recovery of flammable and toxic powders

• Air-powered

• Complete static dissipating tool kit and grounded air hose included

• Drain valve for easy emptying

I-RAM-EX-100 Portable Tube Cleaner

➢ Portable compact design

➢ 1/2 HP Motor

➢ Interchangeable cleaning tools

➢ Rugged, durable molded outer shell

➢ Simultaneous water flush

➢ Foot switch activation

Boiler Tube Cleaner HTC-2

HTC makes tube cleaning a simple one man operation. A cleaning tools is rotated through the tube on a flexible shaft to remove deposit leaving tubes thoroughly clean. Different length flexible shafts and various type of cleaning tools are available to remove all kind of soft and hard deposit. Two tube cleaner models HTC-2 and HTC-2W are available for wet or dry cleaning. A self-contained portable unit with a carrying handle, strongly constructed to modern design. Conforms to the latest B.S.S, I.E.C and V.D.E specification.



• Steam Boiler

• Evaporators

• Hoses/Pipes



  • Motor Power : 2 HP (1.5Kw)
  • Input Power : 415V, 50Hz, 3 phase
  • Standard Speed : 1,400 rpm
  • Overall Dimensions : 570mm high x 600mm depth x 200mm wide Weight : 22 kg
    Model HTC-2 Heavy -Duty Tube Cleaning Machine for dry application 415V,50Hz, 2 HP drive.
    Model HTC-2W Heavy-Duty Tube Cleaning Machine for wet application 415V, 50Hz, 2 HP drive.

CTV-F2 – TowerVac Filtration System

The CTV-F2 Filtration System is specifically designed to work with Goodway’s popular CTV-1500 TowerVac Cooling Tower Vacuum. In situations where the cooling tower water needs to be cleaned, filtered and returned to the tower basin, using the CTV-F2 in conjunction with the CTV-1500 is the only way togo.Thiscarefullyengineeredunitcanhandle the high flow and small micron filtration requirements typically encountered when cleaning cooling towers. A pair of reusable filter cartridges allows the operator to clean cooling tower water down to 5 microns. With quick lock lids, filters can be changed out in a matter of seconds. The integrated dolly enables the user to conveniently place the filters, with the the Cooling Tower Vacuum, alongside the basin. Clean, filtered water can thenbedischargedbackintothetowerbasinat upto50gallonsperminute.


  • Simpletooperate–Minimaltrainingrequired
  • Heavy-dutystainlesssteelfilterhousing– Longlife
  • Integrateddolly–Easytomove
  • Reusablefilters(uptothreetimes)–Savesmoney
  • Quicklocklids–Rapidfilterchange

CC-JR Compact Coil Cleaner

Handheld or shoulder strapped the CC-JR offers ultra portable coil cleaning. It includes a powerful 125 PSI pump, a long-lasting deep cycle battery, operator controlled chemical injection and custom accessories.

JCL-2010 JetLaunch Pneumatic Cleaning Gun

The JetLaunch is the tool of choice for maintaining hydraulic and fluid handling systems. The unit shoots oversized foam projectiles to clean straight, curved and coiled tubes, pipes and pneumatic hoses 3/16″-2″ (4.8-51mm) I.D. It will even shoot the projectiles through couplings, valves and 90 bends to thoroughly clean the entire system. The JetLaunch uses compressed air to shoot oversized foam projectiles.

GVC-36000 Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner w/Quad Boiler

➢ Input Power: 53 amps, 480V, 50/60 Hz AC, three phase, Maximum 36,000 W
➢ Output Steam Pressure: 0-145 PSI
➢ Output Steam Temperature: 290F
➢ Water Tank: 10.6 gallons
➢ Chemical Tanks: Two 1.3 gallons
➢ Boilers: Four, 2.4 gallons each
➢ Steam Production: 17.5 gal/per ho

CC-600 Industrial Coil Cleaner

The CC-600 delivers high pressure and water flow to clean thick coils, in a portable product. System includes integrated water and chemical tank.

CTV-1501 Cooling Tower Vacuum

The CTV-1501 TowerVac® cooling tower vacuum safely removes cooling tower bacteria, like Legionellla and other micro-organism from cooling tower basin.