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VAC-2 Heavy-Duty Industrial Vacuum

The VAC-2 wet/dry series features dual-motors for increased suction. System is ideal for a wide range of general shop cleanup tasks, from liquid recovery to picking up metal shavings. Pump-out feature available.

DV-CM ChipMaster Vacuum

These revolution vacuums are the ideals choice for high volume machine shops. They separate chips down to 300 microns with polypropylene filter. You can then activate the unit’s integrated transfer pump to return the filtered coolant to your machine tool or a collection drum. Then procedure is fast, easy and efficient.

GPW-1300 Heavy-Duty Pressure Washer

The GPW-1300 high pressure mobile heavy duty industrial pressure washer delivers form and function, especially when you’ve got a lot of ground to cover 1300 PSI, 1.6 GPM

GVC-18000 Heavy-Duty Dry Steam Cleaner

➢Input Power: 22 amps, 480V, 50/60 Hz AC, three phase, Maximum 18,000W
➢Output Steam Pressure: 0-145 PSI
➢Output Steam Temperature: 290F
➢Water Tank: 10.4 gallons
➢Chemical Tanks: Two 1.3 gallons
➢Boilers: Two, 2.4 gallons each
➢Steam Production: 7-9 gal/per hour

RAM-PRO Compact Tube Cleaner

➢Designed for contractors
➢Compact and lightweight
➢Quick-connect shafts and brushes
➢Reversible shaft w/water flush
➢Fixed 862.5 RPM shaft rotation
➢For tubes 7/16″ (11mm)-1″ (25mm)

RAM-4 Rotary Tube Cleaner

➢Stainless Steel construction
➢Quick-connect or threaded shafts and brushes
➢Interchangeable cleaning tools
➢ Simultaneous water flush
➢Foot switch activation
➢For tubes ¼”–1”

QS-300 Condenser Tube Cleaning Gun

Simply load the projectile, pull the power-assisted Trigger and outshoot the competition. Specially designed for thorough condenser tube cleaning for tubes 5/8”-1¼” (15.9-31.8mm) O.D.

BFP-3510 Surface Condenser Tube Cleaning System

The ultimate surface condenser cleaner. Designed for large volume condenser cleaning jobs, this portable pumping system provides the complete platform needed to clean condenser tubes fast