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CC-140 Coil Cleaner

Popular portable coil cleaning system. Carries water and cleaner, with variable output up to 140 psi. Uses rechargeable battery or 230V

AWT-100 Air powered tube cleaner

➢Compact, Powerful, Versatile
➢Use for a Variety of Tube Cleaning Including Water Tube Boiler
➢Variable Torque/Speed Controls
➢For Tubes 1” (25mm)–4” (102mm)

SAM-3 Firetube Boiler Cleaner

➢Heavy-Duty Firetube Boiler Cleaner
➢Motor Power: ½ HP
➢Cleaning Length : 26’
➢For Tubes 1-3/8”–4” OD

AV-1200 Air Powered Vacuum

➢Air Powered
➢Wet/Dry Pickup
➢Powders, metal chips, wood
➢Use with 15, 30 and 55-gallon tanks
➢Static water lift: 170″
➢Air displacement: 125 CFM

JL-5010 Jetload Pneumatic Cleaning Gun

The JetLoad Hose and Pipe Tube Cleaner is the ideal choice for high volume cleaning of hydraulic, pneumatic pipes, and hoses, as well as dry and liquid beer and soft drink flow lines. This unit shoots oversized foam projectiles to clean straight, curved and coiled tubes, pipes and hoses 3/16″-2″ (4.8-51mm) I.D.

GPW-1000 Air Powered Pressure Washer

The air-powered GPW-1000 is the perfect solution for hazardous environments where gas or electric pressure washers would be unsafe. It cleans just a fast as
comparable units but can be used safely in all situations, 1,000 PSI, 2.2 GPM

GVC-1502 Dry Steam Cleaner

The GVC-1502 Vapor-Steam Cleaner delivers cleaning and sanitizing performance in a small, portable and easy-to-use package.
Dry Steam Cleaner

PSM-500 Tube Cleaning Gun

The PSM-500 is designed for quick, efficient cleaning of straight, small diameter tubes, like lube oil coolers, shell and tube heat exchanger, etc. Clean tubes 3/16”-
1”(4.8-25.4mm) I.D. of light and solid deposits.

CC-100 Backpack Coil Cleaner

Grab n’ go convenience is the name with this backpack design coil cleaning system. It’s powered by rechargeable battery, hold 5 gal water and chemical and puts out a variable 40-100 psi of cleaning power

RAM-4X Rotary FIretube Boiler Cleaner

➢Stainless Steel construction
➢Quick connect threadless shaft manifold
➢Interchangeable cleaning tools
➢Simultaneous water
➢Foot switch activation