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G-650 Tube Joint Leak Tester

G-650 Vacuum Joint Testing Gun uses air pressure to generate a vacuum around the tube-totubesheet joint to pinpoint leaking connections. Just insert the test gun into the tube end and press the air control valve to fill the cylinder with air. This expands a seal inside the tube, pulling a second seal firmly against the tubesheet surrounding the tube end. Next press the vacuum control valve to divert air through a venturi, creating a vacuum around the tube joint area. Any reduction in vacuum shown on the integral gauge indicates a faulty tube joint.

LD-2X2 Tube Leak Detector

Periodic checks for leaks in heat exchanger, chiller and condenser tubes are essential to maintaining peak performance. The LD-2X2 from Goodway is a quick, simple and accurate tool for tube leak detection. To operate, insert one detector into each end of the tube to be checked. Pull and hold trigger of one or both guns until the air pressure gauge on the back of the detector stabilizes. Release trigger and observe the air pressure gauge. If the pressure holds, the tube is fine. If the pressure drops, a leak is indicated. Use with seal kits for tubes up
to 1″ O.D.

K200 Tube Hole Gauge

Our Tube Hole Gages utilize a precision three point contact, self centering system, for measuring both Tube and Tube Sheet ID. Our Reversible Dial Plate, allows the user to measure In both imperial and metric units. Our standard adjustable depth is 4” or 8” depends on model. We offer additional 8” reach extensions to increase the capacity of these tools for Fin Fan and similar units.

VS-B-10 Video Inspection Scope

Diagnosing performance issues is nothing short of eye-opening with Goodway’s flexible VS-B Video Scopes. When your system is under-performing and your experience tells you that it could be any one of a number of possibilities, our Video Scopes put you inside, so you can determine the cause of the problem with 100% confidence. All of our units feature bright screens and LEDs for clear viewing and take crisp images for review-they also take audio notes! Models are available with either 10′ or 30′ probes.

KVLD-3000 Vacuum Leak Detector

The vacuum leak tester KVLD-3000 is a simple, precise method of testing tubes in boilers, condensers, an d heat exchangers. It is the fastest, most accurate means of locating leaky tubes for plugging or replacement.
Powered by compressed air the vacuum leak detector pulls a vacuum in a tube to a desired reading on a gauge. A steady reading on the gauge would indicate that the tube doesn’t leak. If the reading on the gauge drops you have pinpointed the leaking tube.
➢Only one tool necessary for testing multiple tube sizes.
➢Built-in easy to read vacuum gauge.
➢Muffled exhaust for quiet operation.
➢Lightweight, easy to use.