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CPS-1000 Spear Type Tube Puller

Our short spear type puller has been designed to pull ferrous, non-ferrous and alloy tubing & stubs from heat exchangers, chillers, condensers and similar thermal exchange equipment. Capacity from 1/2” to 1” O.D. of any gauge up to the units 15 Ton Capacity. (12 to 25 mm O.D. any wall thickness up to the units 15T Capacity) from tube sheet up to 2,25” (57 mm) Utilizing economical short spear technology, our patented extraction system, automatically grips and releases the spear at the end of its cycle. This system is simple and cost efficient to own & operate, due to the small amount of consumable required to extract a tube when compared to other pulling technologies.

HPR-30 TubePuller

Our model HPR-30 is a Heavy duty, 30 Ton Pulling Ram. This tool has been engineered with a 6’’ Pull Stoke for tough tube removal applications. It is fitted with flush face, non-drip, couplings and its own custom suspension and handling
bracket. In conjunction with our Double Pull Adaptor, this Puller has the captivity to pull the tube 9’’ from the tube sheet.

CP-1000 Collet Type Tube Puller

This unit has been designed to remove both ferrous and non-ferrous tubing from condensers, chillers and heat exchangers. Capacity from 5/8” to 1-1/2” O.D.gauge 16 to 24 (16 to 38 mm O.D. wall 0,5 to 1,6 mm) for tube sheets up to 2” (50 mm).

Super Jenny 30T Tube Puller

Our Super Jenny Series of Hydraulic Semi-Automatic Tube Pullers, allows the user to continuously pull tubes through heat exchangers, condensers and boilers, without the use of hammers or winches etc. The key to our system is the OD gripping jaw that will pull the tube as the operator actuates the ram. To release the jaw, the operator simply inserts the jaw release tool and the tube becomes free to be pulled by hand, or the ram is returned against the tube sheet to take another stroke.

Tube SpinAIR Pneumatic Tube Spinner

Hydraulic tube spinner SpinAir H is designed to remove and flatten non ferrous tubes from 5/8” to 11⁄4” OD as standard. Can also be used to extract ferrous tubes from 5/8” to 11⁄2” OD using special shaped rolls sized to fit each tube. SpinAir H is supplied with heavy duty trans-port locker, hands tools for normal operation and user manual.