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WTTC Wheel Type Tube Cutter

The 2WTTC-1500 greatly reduces cutting time by utilizing the special 2 point self-centering cutter wheel design and works with 5/8”, thru 1-1/4” O.D. tubes. The tool does not create any chips during the cutting process!

PTTC Push Type Tube Cutter

PTTC tube cutters (available form 1/2” up to 4” O.D.) offer features to make it the most versatile cutter available. The cutter blade depth can be adjusted to allow the tube to be cut through. The cutter blades are made out of the HSS what assure long life time (when used with proper cutting speed) A single blade is used in cutters from PTTC-82 to PTTC-254.

ORTC One Revolution Tube Cutter

These tools have been designed for cutting both ferrous and non-ferrous tubes, that are commonly found, in heat exchangers, boilers and condensers. Our standard tool is adjustable from 1”-6” (25mm-155 mm). Longer reach tools are available in 10” (254 mm) increments. The tool is designed to be used with a hand or ratchet wrench only


MiniCut 100 is recommended for use in cutting alloy and ferrous tubing up to 1
-1/4” O.D. Heavy wall tubing up to 10 BWG can be cut quickly and efficiently. The MiniCut 100 tool is equipped with star wheel feed for smooth, positive power transmission to the cutting bit.