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K20 Pneumatic Rolling motors

K20 pneumatic rolling motor is designed for the fast and accurate torque controlled rolling of tubes from 1/4”–1/2” OD (6.3mm–12.7mm OD).

K50 Pneumatic Rolling motors

Our New Model PUSH&PULL K50-600 Pneumatic Rolling Motor has been specifically engineered to ensure uniform tube to tube sheet expansions, thereby preventing the under and over rolling of tubes. Tube capacity to 1¼” OD

K60 Pneumatic Rolling motors

K60 rolling motors control expansion by the accurate measurement of torque. They automatically stop expanding according to a predetermined setting. Torque control prevents over-and under-expansion of tubes, assures uniformly tightened tube joints, and provides maximum holding strength for individual tubes. Tube Capacity to 2½” OD

K70 Right Angle Rolling Motors

Our Models K72-RT-90 and K73-RT-190 are a Right Angle Tools Equipped with a Roll Throttle as standard. Our Tools have a unique Head design which features a fully enclosed bearing design for long and trouble free life. With Industry input, our tools have been specifically engineered to precisely and consistently Expand Tubes in Steam / Mud Drums, Fire Tube and related Boilers and Equipment

TES-3000 Electronic Control Expansion System

➢Purely digital and modular system.
➢High tech servo drive and motor assure accuracy, high quality and repeatability of the results and efficient work.
➢Extremely easy and user friendly interface on 7” touch screen.
➢Supported languages: English, Korean, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Polish.
➢USB Flash Drive available to dump expanding log files (48 MB of internal storage space for the log files)
➢Easy software upgrade with USB flash memory
➢CE compliant. In full accordance with RoHS compliance.
➢Motor equipped with EnDat encoder. Installation Tools-GS Grooving Tool

TES Mini-2 Electronic Control Expansion System

➢microprocessor controlled tube expansion
➢consistent torque control over 1 or 10,000 expansions;
➢controls torque during long series of tube expanding;
➢programmable torque shut-off value and high/low torque limits;
➢reverse button for retracting expanders from the tubes;
➢programmable timers for; cycle start, reverse pause, end of cycle, and a suppression timer for low torque value settings;
➢CE Certified design.