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GS Grooving tool

Improved design grooving tool features one piece mandrel and short design makes it compatible with CNC application.

CPS-1000 Spear Type Tube Puller

Our short spear type puller has been designed to pull ferrous, non-ferrous and alloy tubing & stubs from heat exchangers, chillers, condensers and similar thermal exchange equipment. Capacity from 1/2” to 1” O.D. of any gauge up to the units 15 Ton Capacity. (12 to 25 mm O.D. any wall thickness up to the units 15T Capacity) from tube sheet up to 2,25” (57 mm) Utilizing economical short spear technology, our patented extraction system, automatically grips and releases the spear at the end of its cycle. This system is simple and cost efficient to own & operate, due to the small amount of consumable required to extract a tube when compared to other pulling technologies.

WTTC Wheel Type Tube Cutter

The 2WTTC-1500 greatly reduces cutting time by utilizing the special 2 point self-centering cutter wheel design and works with 5/8”, thru 1-1/4” O.D. tubes. The tool does not create any chips during the cutting process!

MiniMill-301-LP Tube End Facing Machine

The fastest and strongest facing machine on the market. Engineered for safety and ease of use, featuring a pneumatic locking system with a double piston cylinder. Compact milling head with double cutting edge inserts with 6% cobalt. For all types of material including: ferrous, nonferrous, stainless and exotic alloys steel, duplex, inconel and titanium.


Parallel tube expansion and flaring in 1 process

1200-5 series

Five Rolls Tube Expansion for Thick Tube Sheet

K20 Pneumatic Rolling motors

K20 pneumatic rolling motor is designed for the fast and accurate torque controlled rolling of tubes from 1/4”–1/2” OD (6.3mm–12.7mm OD).

K50 Pneumatic Rolling motors

Our New Model PUSH&PULL K50-600 Pneumatic Rolling Motor has been specifically engineered to ensure uniform tube to tube sheet expansions, thereby preventing the under and over rolling of tubes. Tube capacity to 1¼” OD