CTV-F2 – TowerVac Filtration System
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CTV-F2 – TowerVac Filtration System

The CTV-F2 Filtration System is specifically designed to work with Goodway’s popular CTV-1500 TowerVac Cooling Tower Vacuum. In situations where the cooling tower water needs to be cleaned, filtered and returned to the tower basin, using the CTV-F2 in conjunction with the CTV-1500 is the only way togo.Thiscarefullyengineeredunitcanhandle the high flow and small micron filtration requirements typically encountered when cleaning cooling towers. A pair of reusable filter cartridges allows the operator to clean cooling tower water down to 5 microns. With quick lock lids, filters can be changed out in a matter of seconds. The integrated dolly enables the user to conveniently place the filters, with the the Cooling Tower Vacuum, alongside the basin. Clean, filtered water can thenbedischargedbackintothetowerbasinat upto50gallonsperminute.


  • Simpletooperate–Minimaltrainingrequired
  • Heavy-dutystainlesssteelfilterhousing– Longlife
  • Integrateddolly–Easytomove
  • Reusablefilters(uptothreetimes)–Savesmoney
  • Quicklocklids–Rapidfilterchange

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